Tuesday, January 20, 2009

creating from within

Well I finally got online to participate in the art journaling 101. I am really excited and have only been able to do a small amount of work but am so encouraged. This is a way to keep art flowing from within even though there is not alot of time. My journal is out and I can spend 3 minutes adding to it here and there -or- should I get the opportunity to work in my artroom, I can really add to the pages as I work on other projects. The journaling is different from what I would normally be doing so learning the techniques of others really expands my vision and thinking.
I am also completing a project for a gift for my friend Joy. It is a Christmas gift so obviously it is late. I am making her a journal, if you remember I have discussed that she too is an artist, a quilting artist. She keeps a design book and this will be another avenue for her to record her visions. I believe she as a dual personality. One of the traditional quilter and the other that flows from deep within creating outstanding works of art. I have painted two covers for this journal. On the days that she feels traditional she can open the book from that cover - the days that she feels she must be outside of the box, she can open from that side of the cover. Today my mission is to bind the book and finish off the cover. I will post pictures.
I really feel that my art world is opening up in a big way and this is the year that I will be comfortable stating that I am an artist!!!
Thank you to all that have shared in my vision.

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