Monday, June 4, 2012


I want everyone check out Sue Bleiweiss's blog.  EXCITING NEWS, her book, SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE is being released this month!!!!  I had the wonderful opportunity to send her a sketch that was used in her book!  Of course, I have a dozen copies that I've pre-ordered!!!!  Her work is beautiful, she is super inspirational and I can't wait to REALLY READ THE BOOK.  I am sure I will immediately turn to page 27 and stare in amazement for awhile before beginning.  I can't believe I'm in it!    She sent me a prompt and I had to create a sketch from there.  So, hope you like it.  I won't be showing it until the book comes out!  Check her site out!  She is having a HUGE BLOGHOP with INCREDIBLE GIVEAWAYS to celebrate!  Don't miss out!!!! click now!!! Sue Bleiweiss !!!! 

I am on page 27 - can you believe it!!!
Wow, didn't get my art-time but had so much fun with 2 of the g-kids!
Posting a pic of a watercolor sketch I did last year. I posted in July of 2011....but the sketch book challenge for June is urban sketches!!!! Last July 3rd I posted on facebook trying to creat a "Fl-art", Flash Art Mob. For those of us hanging in town for the holiday weekend I posted...let's meet in old town and do some arting!!! Well, I arted alone but chatted with many passerby's. I think we bloggers should make a national Flart Day and all of us post a Flart - knowing that we each may be sitting on a corner alone but collectively we'd have lots of company!!! So here is my urban sketch.

Come join the challenge this month....find a corner and create your Urban Art and if you want to campaign to generate a nationwide "FL-ART"...let's make it happen!!!
cheers, dana
make art, make friends - share art, share souls!


Kristin Dudish said...

Wheee! This is SO exciting, Dana! Congratulations! (I'll be excited to see it!)

I remember your "flarting"... Very cool... I tend to be pretty shy in situations like that... But maybe...


Ann said...

how fabulous!!
i can hardly wait to see!!!

NatashaMay said...

That is so exciting! :) Congrats on being published! :)

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