Tuesday, July 2, 2013

dark spaces are not always friendly places...

Guilt cast a dark shadow.
Sorrow draws the dark curtains closed.
Strength pulls the blinds back open.
Faith restores what I need to know.
Courage lets me step forward.
Love restores my drive.
Teach so others may be inspired.
Share your lessons & the you - you know!

soul prayer - white light, white light, white light

 time to remove the weeds from my mind:

I watched The Secret of the Wings, totally by accident, my grandkids weren't even here...it's amazing how fairies make life seem so much nicer!  Time to get my glitter back on!!!
cheers, dana


ann @ studiohyde said...

The glitter works perfect for this little fairy (I love glitter too, usually end up with it everywhere though).

Jez said...

I love your poem and your sweet fairy. I thought the poem is a very original way to express the type of feelings that do tend to cloud our minds at times.

Kim said...

I love your glitter faerie. She's gorgeous.