Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wow, a month has passed already!

So much goes on day to
Back to painting!

So far just really looking at week one and two with Tracy Verdugo Paint Mojo... totally immersed and wish I didn't have a job that I had to go to.  It would be so amazing to really take this class and be able to give it my full time attention!  Alas, I have bills to pay!
My first dream catcher ended up gifted to a young dreamer, so happy to share it with her as she embarks on a worldly adventure!
Then my second which was to include a face.  I actually incorporated some of my lessons from Juliette Crane, Bliss and Jodi Ohl, grunge.  I committed that when I wasn't able to go to Tracy's retreat in Indiana that I would take the e-course class spending no additional money - using whatever supplies I had on hand and make it work.  So, this second dream catcher is on Yupo paper I had from my class with Jodi Ohl.  It is fun to work on - way different than canvas or watercolor paper.  I used my character face from class with Juliette Crane's Bliss and her finishing layers, fixative, mod podge with some blue added and Dorman;s Wax..  Juliette has a new class Paint Happy - hoping to win a spot in her drawing!!!
So, not exactly the assignment but Tracy said it was okay to be a rebel and not follow the "rules", which there are none!

Then last but not least - my second palette of possibilities - finding the pic within the blob of left over paint!

Crazy how you can find something in what appears to be nothing.  I am still working on my canvas immersion...

Ready to really put some time into that this upcoming week.

Make art.  Be happy, share your world!

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