Monday, November 30, 2009

December already

I can't believe I haven't posted since Halloween. Missed Thanksgiving wishes to all and now are heading into December. I took my ABO boards on the 15th and left the testing site confident that I did well. I truly hope I am in the 90's but for sure know that I was at least in the 80%'s. We don't get our results back for 4-6 weeks so now we wait.
I have had all the g-kids over for a Saturday - four of them staying the whole night. Six kids at once ranging from 6 1/2 down to 3 months is a challenge. Our son in law, Bennett was of great help and much fun for the kids. We went to Art Unlimited and painted pottery for them to give the mom's for xmas. Mark and I picked up the finished pieces this weekend and everything came out great. The kids will be so surprised at how different their pieces look once back from the kiln. They had some trouble understanding that the paint color they picked for the projects wasn't the color coming out of the tube. I think I will go back and paint a piece myself - it was a memorable day together.
I have also met with a gal to work on editing photos and posting my artwork online. That is now my focus. I plan on doing at least 6 shows for 2010. Two of which I think I will do here just like the August event. It went well, everyone sold their work and we had a blast. So, if you see any info regarding artshows - please pass it along to me.
Well off to the treadmill - we have signed up to do the 1/2 marathon in Key West - January 31st (Landon's 3rd b-day) 2010. I really need to get my butt in gear to make this event. In July I was up to 20 miles a week for the first time in forever and lost all that due to knee problems and getting wrapped up in artwork. So did 9 miles last week - a long ways away from where I need to be - but - I am going to make it happen!!!!
Happy Birthday today to Chelsea!!!! Ben's fiance - a wonderful person, mom to Landon (and soon another son due in January ) and partner to Ben!
Make a great day!

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Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Dana,

Isn't time just flying by?! How fun that you had all of your grandkids and how specail that you took them to make Chistmas gifts for thei mom's.

I perused a bit though you blog and you art is amazing!

Good luck with your training, I'm cheering you on!

Thank you for your wonderful comment and sweet words, your words mean more to me than you can know!

Love and hugs,