Monday, November 2, 2009

GREAT FUN FOR MY G-KIDS! These are the halloween decorations I made for the kids. Too
much sugar to eat! Their houses were really decked out for the holiday! Check out my facebook to see photos later today. Time to buckle down and study. My state boards are in 14 days!!!
Today, Ben starts the Fire Academy. I could not be prouder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow he is 22!
Wow, time flies.
Make a GREAT November!


Penny said...

Hello Dana,
I love your skull decorations, they look totally awesome.
How goes the studying for boards? Don't get to hyper about it or you'll freeze up -I know you can do it. Just Remember, go out to eat the night before and have a nice big serving of spaghetti. It is a powerful brain food when you will be testing. At least that was what all my profs, passed on to me when I took my boards and it must have work, I passed.
Do will you.
I'll even throw in a couple of prayers said on behalf of you and your test, to help out.


Anonymous said...

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