Tuesday, May 22, 2012

busy busy - learning learning

So, this is my second week trying to handle two online classes - work - and continue to run.  I am working on my second Cotton Candy Girl...even though we have started week 3!  oy.  and have finished my first two assignments with Lisa's Wright Brain e-course class!  OY, again, my brain.... it is all good.  Learning alot about myself!  Well, stuff I knew but have never put down on paper.  I know both of these classes are going to help me free up and be able to paint better!!!!!!!!!!!
So, some insight to Lisa's class:  my post in class today:

Yes, I am late too... this started in one direction and became somewhat of a self-soul portrait.  I too feel like I am two people...Normal looking and confident YET the artist side wants to be bold and dress weird (or artsy) and fly AND won't.  My mind has this person all the time...I feel like I could play dress up and I would paint better.  I invision creating...dreamily on my deck, sipping wine and just without effort painting beautiful scenes that I truly see and feel.  Yet, I only tend to copy work of others...my few emotional self thought pieces carry so much pleasure for me when I look at them...in my mind I am doing that type of work all the time.  I see beyond the obvious, my palette is filled with the most beautiful colors, my brush flows across the paper... I am in my happy place, my zenful place...it is like being on my bike and riding thru the beautiful country side with the rest of the world not interfering.

Both classes are worth the time and effort - please click on my sidebar and check them out if you are looking to expand your comfort zone!!!!!!!!

cheers, dana
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NatashaMay said...

Thanks for the class review. :) I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. :)

minnemie said...

Oh this is just marvelous! Thanks for your very fun comment on my blog - I think we are kindred spirits/tomboys/princesses:-)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

yep, I agree!