Tuesday, May 1, 2012

round 2 with the Angel....

Well, my WWII vet DID NOT LIKE THE ANGEL I DID, AT ALL!!!  "That is not what I asked for, I want a real map with an angel - Angels are WHITE!!!"  He was rude and it was hard to stand there and take it.  So, thank goodness for being part of Lisa Wright's Messy Book group - even though I hadn't worked in my book  yet.  I have had to work 6 days a week for a couple weeks and life has just been to busy.  But with that in mind I was able to buck up... took my angel to the sink and poured my cup of coffee out on top of it!  I  then took it outside and stomped it into the dirt. 

The trainee I was working with thought I had lost my mind.  I really didn't say anything.  Took the painting back outside and left it in the pouring rain.  As I was leaving work I ran it over a couple times and then put it in my car.  So, at the DEMANDS of my WWII vet, I redid the painting on a map with a WHITE ANGEL.  If he doesn't like this one, I am done.  I can't believe someone would be so rude when you are doing something for free.  He said all you artists' think you have the right to interpret what is being asked of you  - well heck yay, if you wanted a still life then take a photo for me to copy!!!

Anyway, here is the new version.  So my sweet 89 yr old vet has a mean streak that he didn't show when asking for me to do this and letting me know how poor he is.  Lesson learned!!!!

now, off to pour some dirt into my Accidental Mess Book so I can contribute to the group!
cheers, dana

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Beverley Baird said...

Thanks so mnuch for stopping by!
I love both your angels - can't believe the fellow made such a fuss. What an ingrate!
Making messes is a letting go process - hope it helped!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

it truly did help! and he loved version two. thank goodness, I was ssoooooo done¡

NatashaMay said...

Wait a second! You're doing it for free? WTF! I would've told him off right then and there. No wonder you took it out on your painting. :)) Well, hope you got it out of your system. You did a great job on the second one as well. :)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I know!!! He loved it but it really didn't make me happy after his first reaction...oh, yes, and he was really happy when I again said no charge - thanks for serving our country. But, boy, I won't do that again.

Jez said...

Fantastic. You really are a lovely, creative messy girl. Love your work.