Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Sketches and more from Ivan

Just a journal page... hope to be doing a canvas soon.  I have a painting to do for my granddaughters room and I am trying to muster up the courage to tackle my vision!

I shared the kids books, The one and only Ivan with you in my last post.   I think I shall be sharing Ivan's wisdom with you all year.  I believe we all need a little more common sense and humility, kindness would be beneficial too.  Oh, and  less "what's in it for me" would help the world too!  Okay, off my soap box.  Words to think about:
"Humans speak too much.  They chatter like chimps, crowding the world with their noise even when they have nothing to say."  Ivan, the one and only, by Katherine Applegate.  I now look at people spouting negativity and gossip with chimp faces!  I smile and walk away, instead of becoming angry and frustrated.

An artist earlier this year, Joss of,  asked what would your one word be for 2013.  At the time I answered in two words, duct tape.  I happen to be very opinionated and direct  (a bad combo).  So when people ask me what I think - I tell them.  Knowing me I don't know why they ask if they don't want to hear my answer.  They know I will tell them.  So, I chose duct tape.  It is to remind me to process and not really answer.  I then later added glitter!  Because if I take a deep breath and roll my head - then say GLITTER.  I smile and tend to not need the duct tape.  So far I have found these words very useful.  So, you may want to try finding words for yourself!

I pick up Ivan's book and also look at the cover often - helps me to remember there is a soft side to world and we need more of it!  Quiet is good, there doesn't always have to be noise.  What color is your quiet?

Thanks for letting me chatter, hopefully not like a chimp, and stopping by!  Please be sure to visit all the fabulous thoughts and work at Sunday Sketches hosted by Alexandra!

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it


Denise Gilgannon said...

Dana, this posting is great. I agree with it all, and I am going to visualize this gossipers as mean looking chimps from now on! having survived Hurricane Sandy and now living in the devastating aftermath, my word would be gratitude. it was a Transforming experience that taught me to shake off my self importance and open myself up to the moment and do what is needed. ..and do so gratefully....and my quiet color is green! hanks for inspiring me this morning!

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Sunday Sketching!

Anns Art said...

Good words, duct tape or glitter, either are suitable for any Wishing you all the best with your painting for your gd. Do show us what you come up with :)

Christine said...

lovely page with a good message!

WrightStuff said...

Chattering is good - as is your art!

Pellie / Penny said...


your sketch book page is lovely as usual.

I am so happy to see you are back and posting again. I have missed you and your opinions very much.


soulbrush said...

Aha yes I remember the 'duct tape' word/s for this year and they seemed strange. Thanks for explaining it Dana. I am going to add you to my list of favourites on my blog- so as to visit you again.

Ann said...

chimp faces...i love it!!
i don't think directness and opinionated is is basic,down to the core, honesty! i figure,if you want to know what i think..ask. if you don't really want to know,don't ask!!
your page is lovely!!!! don't duct tape yourself too are who you are..and that's what makes you YOU!

Alicia C said...

"I love quiet" -- nice message! I feel that opinionatedness & directness are scarse and underappreciated jewels, qualities I personally treasure - then again, if you said to me sthg I didn't like, I'd prob smack you upside the head LOLZ -- alas.. humanity.....

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

love all the feedback!
cheers! dana

Jez said...

My quiet is a soft blue. The world seems so noisy everywhere we go that I cherish the peace of home and our surroundings.
'Life is short, live it' - doing my best Dana, and seeing you posting helps me along the way. The world needs you Dana, so don't stop!