Monday, June 29, 2009


I just sent an email to . I hope to get some visitors from that site. I am definitely trying to find local- within reasonable miles - some art show/festivals to apply to show my work. I had considered applying to the local co-op gallery - great place in old town: Artisian Circle - but, I really can't produce enough work to justify the expense and time I'd have to work there. I can't be sure that my schedule at work will stay the same once put out and can't risk a committment I can't keep at the gallery. So, anyone that knows of a gallery excepting consignment - PLEASE GIVE ME A SHOUT!
Next week I start an online class for doing self-portraits - insight to my soul and educational artistic experience - can't wait!
Anyone interested in doing an "artist trading card" exchange, again, give me a shout. I am currently working on a 3 card trade with an orgami artist in San Deigo. My theme back to her is baseball, hotdogs & apple pie! (no not Chevrolet, I'm still a Ford girl)

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