Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Need for knowledge

Wow- I keep checking out all these artistic blogs and really need to know how to become interactive. So much information out there - challenges that anyone can do - don't have to consider yourself an artist. Great stuff to do with your kids -or - in my case GRANDKIDS. Make bookmarks, trading cards, jewelry, wall art yadda yadda yadda. My goal is to figure this computer stuff out so that my art can be seen and I can grow.
I have to say that I am so much more relaxed and inspired now that I am working in a positive environment. For the most part I am only working a 40 hour week - again, so relaxing in comparison to the last 6 years. Part of that change was to create art but also to get back in shape. I am happy to say that I am back up to 20 miles a week!!! I am walk/running - not like before when I ran the whole time BUT I am starting to run more than walk - so I am turning the corner. I keep wondering why I am still not getting more done with this new found time BUT I AM !!! I am up to 20 miles a week for pete sakes. That does take a chunk of time. Also, Mark and I are doing the Michigan Brewing Co. 5k run next weekend, that will be a blast. And the BIG NEWS is that ALEX is going to run the Crim with me - 10 miles!!! Alex! I am so excited and impressed with his commitment.
I am signed up for another online workshop that starts in July with Pam Carriker. I am also doing a self-taught art book on watercolor. I am treating this like a class! I have it scheduled in to start next week and have it on my calendar for the next 5 weeks to complete.
So - off to work now - I did 3 miles this morning but have a weird schedule this week so have to do some doubling up - 2 more when I get home tonight before the WINGS GAME !

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wassonfam2007 said...

Hi Dana! Soooo cute..love this pics!! Cameron came running up behind me and told me she painted the one on the top left!!! "hey I did that!" Totally true...she does insist she is 4! Very sad, she insists on growing up everyday! My baby is 6 today :( Yesterday when she woke up as she stretched she said "tomorrow is my b-day!" then she continued on into the livingroom and said "today is special too mom...because its my lst day of being 5!!' VERY matter of factly!! Too cute! But love the pics!! Gotta get going I am bringing up popsicles for Cloee's Birthday snack at school! C u on Sunday!