Sunday, May 16, 2010


Penny at Palaver from Pellie and Genghis Khat's blog - click on her site that I follow.  What a boat load of treasures!!!  I can hardly wait to start cutting, glueing, stitching and painting with all - and I do mean ALL - of the items I received.  A wonderful piece of jade that is displayed on my art table to keep my mojo going!  A handmade bag filled with all kinds of lace.  Sheet music galore - man do I have ideas for that!  two ceramic booties, old paper back storybooks, threads, mother-of-pearl buttons in the most incredible containers - you can see in the picture- patent applied for- on these button boxes!!! She had two other giveaways also - once again they included awesome treasures! 
Isn't this GREAT !!!!

It is hard to believe that in blogland so much is shared and friendships established with people we probably will not meet!  Penny's giveaway has encouraged me to put together a CHALLENGE.  Keep watching, I will be posting specifics next week!!!  It involves Godiva Chocolates to the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make a great day - here in Michigan it is one of those days that makes this a great place to live when it's not winter!
Cheers, dana

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