Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guild meeting...

Okay - as I have confidently stated that I am an artist... that didn't last long!  Attended the guild meeting with an internationally accomplished artist as speaker.  Mark Mehaffey, water media artist!  WOW, incredible work and insight he gave into it.  Way beyond what I think and do - starts the head spinning.
Here is the thank you I sent to my photographic artist friend Deb for inviting me:

I want to thank you for inviting me to attend your meeting last night. I hate being late so it was a real mental game for me to show up. My brain was saying - you are going to be obviously late and you aren't really qualified to hang out with artisits'. I am sure you understand where I was coming from. Soooooooooooo, I feel like I made a huge leap showing up! As I sat, listened and observed his incredible art - wow - again, what am "I" doing here... I have decided... lots! Yep, I'm just a Sunday artists as one of my art friends says - but hey - you've got to start somewhere and how else can I improve if I don't expose myself to others of huge talent.

So blogland friends, yes, back to the drawing board on my painting of Cloee - no I won't take you through the whole process again BUT do hope to show you a more emotionally impacted rendition in the future.

I had planned a path for today's post that is totally changed direction but two challenges or just things to ponder...
What color are you?  Are you inside or outside the lines???? 
 I shall give you my answer with a sketch next week.  If you would like to share your answer - please post a comment and your blog address - I don't know how to do the winky linky things!!!

AND THIS IS REALLY BIG...does anyone remember a Paul Newman movie where he played an artist in Paris???  I remember him in a studio with music blasting and a huge machine with crazily swinging robotic arms with paint brushes going everywhere...  AM I Nuts or was this a real movie... maybe it wasn't Newman... help????

cheers, dana


BLISS angels said...

Dana YOU are AN artist and don't anyone including yourself tell you differant or I'll come and sort you out. Ha Ha! okay no I don't remember that movie and I'm teal not blue or green but a mixture of both.. like me girly but strong
sweet but mean. Happy but sad.
clever but unwise. witty but dry...
Old but YOUNG
and what was the other question?...

SEE old because I can't remmeber anything even how to spell hugs wendy

BLISS angels said...

outside the lines, oh yes outside every time but staying inside of the lines works too, sometimes!

Marlene said...

You are an artist, Art like love is in the eye of the beholder and who is to say what that might be for each viewer? I think I am blue and red and very much outside the lines.

Ann said...

Dana..you are a wonderful artist! I don't know what color I am..but,I am definately an outside the lines!!Sounds like you had a great time at the guild meeting! Artists learn new things all the time..doesn't mean you aren't one if you learn from another!!My husband is a MAJOR MOVIE-PHILE and I asked him...the movie was A NEW KIND OF LOVE !

Ann said...

Dana..Stephen says "oops..it was "What a Way to Go"..he says"sorry and to let you know right away!!!! ".

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

THANK YOU LADIES!!! Love the color explanations. and I am off to rent the movie - Ann tell your husband THANKS!!!

Kristin Dudish said...

Hi Dana,

First, Happy Birthday!!! (Sorry for the belated wishes... I never made it out of bed.)

Second - the guild meeting sounds like a great place to meet other artists... Please be kind to yourself on your artistic journey - you are an artist... trust in your own creativity and the beauty you have to offer :)

(Believe me I know how easy it can be to start questioning and comparing yourself to other artists. But, if there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that we each have a unique voice and artistic experience to share with the world - I really look forward to seeing more of yours!!!)


p.s. I'm still a little green but I'm hoping to be pink again soon :)
(And I like to color inside and outside the lines!)
p.p.s. I just added "What A Way To Go" to my netflix movie queue!

Jan said...

What a great opportunity to spend some time with fellow artist's!

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