Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, really all shades of yellow - at this point in time! I believe we change constantly, sort of like a mood ring - yes I have one! My good friend Jonesy gave it to me years ago - I love wearing it!
Anyways, currently I consider myself associated with  yellows - deep goldtones that reflect browns - keeping me grounded - think of the center of a sunflower. 

 Then spreading out into all the deep yellow tones to the tips of the petals brightly shining yellow.  I love yellow flowers - all of them... I used to send flowers to my mother-in-law for our anniversary (my anniversary happened to have been on the same date as my husband's dad and her's)  My father-in-law had passed away first so I would send her flowers - always yellow - so she knew right away who they were from.  It makes me feel like sunshine is coming indoors - it can't help but put a smile on someone's face.

So, back to what color are you?  Are you inside or outside of the lines.... I would love to say that I am a trained fine arts major and can do realistic paintings all within the lines... Realist work is so incredible.  Alias, I am a self-taught - still learning - outside the lines just do it kind of girl!!!  So here is my yellow - the purple is the color of my childhood and is the opposite to yellow - so perfect together.  I am sharing that with the sketchbook challenge - this month is opposites.  So, this will be my opposites coming together 2. . . visit and join in the fun. 
I have loved reading everyones comments about what  color you are - it has been fun looking into your blogs with that insight!  Please leave a comment, with a link to your blog with your color commentary!!!!
I will be back Sunday for Sunday Sketches - this past weekend had one of our granddaughters, Cameron, and we were so busy didn't have time to sketch!

We waxed flowers (thanks Margaret), beaded a necklace, made cupcakes and chocolate chip pancakes... we had fun!

Make a great week! 
cheers, dana


Incipient Wings said...

hi dana!
love this post...i think i'm an orange pink and purple..angryhappysad, lol!!!
outside the lines for sure:)
your granddaughter is precious and the flowers look so pretty.
I've never had chocolate chip pancakes before..but they sound yummy.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Dana,

I love your sunflower. I've been doing some doodle art and actually coloring it...it's always been discarded {by my inner critic} but this time I'm going for it. I'll show it one day.

I'll go checkout the the links.

Thanks so much for visiting with me.

Stephanie ♥

Ann said...

great mood ring! gosh I remember when they first came out! Love your art! and Cameron...what a doll!!!

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