Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow, had our first project meeting for the upcoming ScrapFest in old town - here in Lansing, MI.  Teams of five get together and run thru a local scrap yard for one hour - gathering what they can to produce a sculpture from their finds.  I have never done anything like this, nor have any of us in the group.  A friend of ours decided we should enter - she is a talented graphics designer and our leader, Stacy!  Her muse, Troy, is a race teammate of my husband's (Mark)- so they are definitely part of production.  Our main welder, Rizzo, is an artist of several mediums.  He is the fabricator on the race team too... so this is really stepping outside the box for our guys. What am I talking about - for us girls too!  Once we run thru the scrap yard - we have 2 weeks to produce the piece.  We are responsible for all transporting and it must be stable for display purposes.  The actual showing will be outdoors during the Festival of the moon and sun in June!  I will keep you updated on our progress!  We are submitting our entry application this weekend and will know in a couple weeks if we are in!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

cheers, dana


Catherine Denton said...

What an intriguing idea. How brave of you all! Can't wait to see it. Here's hoping you get in. *raises coffee cup*
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Ann said...

oh,gosh..sounds like so much fun!!Anxious to see the finished piece! xo

Penny said...

Gosh that sounds very very interesting and like so much fun.

Hope your application is accepted and you have load of laughs doing it.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Thanks ladies - will keep you updated as we go along - should we get in...fingers crossed while I type.
cheers, dana

Lucy Adams said...

That sounds like a fun challenge! I would sooooo have ADD in the scrapyard and get off track. So many "shiny" things to choose from.


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