Monday, October 20, 2008


With only Sunday's off, one's like yesterday are treasured. I slept until 8am ( which is really late for me), it was so nice. Got up sat with Sophie and drank a couple cups of coffee. Sophie and I then mozied up to the artroom - and got started in a calm way. Usually I am pressed for time and trying to put together a project in panic mode. Yesterday I worked into my project and pieced it together. My brother, Dan, has poor health and I have been supposed to paint his angel for him since - I don't know - March maybe. My mom asked me to get on it because he hasn't been doing well lately. I wanted to take my time and do it right - finally. I had the vision in my head (as I always do) and started to put it on paper. Dan is very religious so I decided to have a faded picture of Jesus Christ included ( that didn't come out as well as planned) but Dan will appreciate it, I'm sure. For the most part, I'm really happy with the finished piece and am sending it out to him today! I didn't really leave the house until late in the afternoon. The sun was shining and all the colors were bright and crisp. Mark and I finished it off grilling chicken and he made the best potatoes ever - salad - glass of wine - what could be better! PERFECT DAY!

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Spangler-Robbins Family said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog...I can certainly hear your words as I read it :) It makes me smile. I was thinking that the art in my life is people, and that I take pictures of them to capture those moments of beauty that I see in them....hmmm...a very artsy thought for me :)