Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So many things running thru my head this morning:

1. 31 days until I leave on my dream trip! Painting en plein air in Key West. I have to get a couple more paint brushes and supplies that I need to ship down to my brother Dean's in Ft. Lauderdale. Don't want to risk loosing my luggage. I also have started a surprise project for him that I need to get DONE before I go...
2. So many birthdays this month: Today my friend Amy, tomorrow my husband's ( I have a huge surprise adventure planned for Saturday that I can't mention just in case in checks in on my blog) and Patti's, the 3rd Michele's, the 5th Bonnie's, the 8th Bobbie's, the 22nd my brother Dales, the 30 Nancy's - and I probably missed a couple, need to check my calendar!
3. Need to have a good month in car sales! So need to get my newsletter out this weekend.
4. Need to build my Mary Kay business so that I can work less hours at the dealership and spend more time in my artroom!!!
5. This seems to far down on the list, but like I said lots running thru the head this morning. The MIND WIDE OPEN contest starts today - can't wait to see it and get started!


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Dean said...

What's my surprise project? Great Blog!!!! Love ya, can't wait to see ya!!!! XOX