Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthdays & Family's

I finally made it to my mom's for my birthday dinner. My brother Dan had planned an excellent menu - Cilantro-Lime Orange Roughy (way outside his normal box). It was melt in your mouth good! The side dishes were just as great. Mark and I ate and enjoyed! The dessert included Sanders toppings - if you are a Detroiter you KNOW that was good. Brings back memories of walking a mile to the Sanders shop on 7 mile rd and sitting at the counter eating hot fudge cream puffs (coldstone has nothing on that!). We are not supposed to do gifts but My MOM did a special photo - the pictures I've posted are me at two in our yard in Detroit. I still remember our address 19484 Bentler! It was the best place to grow up! Seriously! The second is me and my son Alex at his wedding almost two years ago! He is holding his second daughter Cameron at 18 months (just about equal to me in my picture). WOW, alot goes on in 50 plus years. I will look at these pictures every day and smile with pride and treasured thoughts of growing up with my family!
Here we are stuffed and happy - me, my mom and my brother Dan. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT DAY!
All my love. Dana
p.s. if you want the recipe for the orange roughy just send me an email:

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