Monday, March 23, 2009


I have accomplished so much since starting my new job. I did 16 miles last week!!! It has been 4 years since I've done that. Granted it was fast walking and not running but I should be able to start the running this week. I plan on slowly adding it and building up to all running! I feel so much better and have finally lost a few pounds. I thoroughly enjoy my 10:00 start time to Monday - Thursday. I get up early and have my coffee - then get going without a frenzied pace - work out, do some cleaning or laundry whatever. Each day I get more done than a did in a week selling cars. The other thing is that I am catching up with family. I was off Friday and went to meet my dad for breakfast - a mall walk with his golfing buddies - and some time going through old family info. Then I stopped and saw Landon, Chelsea and Ben. It was a great visit even though short. On the way out of Dodge I stopped and surprised my Mom and Dan with a request for coffee. Again, a fun little visit. On the road again home I stopped and shopped for the dinner I was making for my friend Joy who was coming over that night. We had Tilpia using my brothers recipe for the orange roughy, it was yummy. Caught up on our artistic adventures. She has entered four quilts in the quilt show for the E Lansing guild - and then of course, I shared that I will be in the Williamston Art Walk. Worked on Saturday but who cares when you had a day off! It was a fun change also, I worked in the Lansing location. Busy and I actually handled a couple patients on my own! I was supposed to have all the grandkids but their plans were changed sooooooooo Sunday was my day - I never left the house. It was grand. Worked out, cleaned and cooked! It was just so pleasant and relaxing. So, off to my new week! Mark is due home late this afternoon - his first race of the year - he saw old friends and had a great race!

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nzw said...

Dana, I'm so happy for you. Finally you get some time that you've deserved for years. You sound happy & full of energy. It's great!