Friday, April 3, 2009


Well I am planning a "sort of" surprise party for my mom and dad. Their birthdays are
April 7th, so they are coming to grill this Sunday afternoon. They are expecting all the kids, my brother Dale and his family. But, I have my mom's brother and wife coming, my cousins from my dad's side and their mom, 3 of my friends that are now my mom's friends and possibly my best bud from jr. high and a friend of my parents for as long as I can remember that my dad probably hasn't seen in 30 yrs. If she shows up - my mom won't believe it because she does not travel very far from home and this would be a trip. Anyways, it will be great fun to see their faces as each person shows up - who knows - everyone might show up in the driveway at the same time. Don't know where we are going to put everyone but it will be a blast. I've asked everyone to bring a picture that is a blast from the past. I have had a blast going through old photos. I went to my dad's 2 weeks ago under the cover that I need some pictures for mom's birthday because she had lost all hers years ago. So my dad has no idea the pictures are being put together for him too. I am off tomorrow and have so much to do to get ready. Thank goodness Claudia, my sister in law, is making the cake! My dad is turning 76 and my mom 75!
After this weekend I need to get cracking on my art project for the Williamston Art Walk on
May 1st!!!

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