Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hope to see you! Here is the bio I will be presenting with my work.

SINDERELLA STUDIO DESIGNS ... is my artist outlet! My name is Dana Strickland and I work mainly in watercolors. I am self-taught through trial and error! AND several great workshops. I have taken watercolor classes with Edee Joppich out of the Livonia Arts Council some 20 years ago now. Most recently I spent a week in Key West painting "en plein air" with Sandford Birdsey. What a fantastic experience. These two women have opened a whole new world to me and continue to be a source of inspiration.

As I said, I had taken some workshops 20 years ago but really hadn't painted for the last 15 years. I recently made a career change that has allowed me more time to devote to my family, friends, and one of my passions - PAINT! I am thankful for all those that continue to encourage and support this decsiion; number one, my husband, Mark. My mother is my biggest advocate, she has many of my paintings in her home! Sandy, who bought me my first set of paints - I was thirty something - it is never to late to start! And my friends Nancy, Joy and Jackie - who believe in me without conditions.

I hope you enjoy my work!
Thanks for visiting! dana

Titles of the work I will be showing:
Rememberance - Magical Mystery Tour - A Perching Space - Island House and
Everyone is Welcome

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