Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay I received my location for the Williamston Art Walk. I didn't really have a clue as to what was going to go on or how this worked when I signed up. The event is sponsored by the Williamston Chamber so obviously it would have to somehow promote Williamston business's. Having lived in Williamston for 6 years that works for me. So the walk (which really has to be a drive for parts of it ) starts at the Divine Canine. That is where I will be! It is more toward Webberville on Grand River and is a new business for Williamston. They get me, a newbie artist. I now feel compelled to try and do 4 or 5 pieces. Not sure I can produce what I would want people to look at that quickly - let alone pay to frame them. We'll see. I am off tomorrow so taking a ride by to see where I will be and go in so that I can introduce myself. I need to figure out how I will display and probably freak out about needing to have really good work. After the Divine Canine the "walk" moves in toward town. I don't have a listing yet of all the participants but plan to get the local paper this weekend. All sales give a 20% donation to the Chamber of Commerce for Williamston. It is a great way to build community spirit and showcase the cute town. The event is going to have a 50/50 raffle and all kinds of drawings and prizes. I hope that the weather is cooperative so lots of people come out for the trek.
I will keep you posted - and will be busy for the next 2 weeks figuring out my work!!!

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