Friday, August 6, 2010


Frosted Petunias!!!  Anna was a winner in my snail mail  challenge last month.  As a bonus, her and I swapped our snail mail creations!  I was really excited because the photo I received was gorgeous and I couldn't wait to receive hers!  I knew it was going to be better in person, IT WAS!!!  The layering, the textures, the colors... makes me smile - huge!  The biggest bonus was that Anna sent along one of her prints!!!! "Dreamcatcher" - she is magnificent and is now a treasured piece of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dreamcatcher is my Pink Saturday post!  Anna's snail mail brings out the pink too!  I seriously feel like the WINNER of my own challenge!  Please visit Anna's blog - it is inspiring!
Thanks to Beverly our Pink Saturday, hostess with the mostest, P.S. is how I connected with Anna!

This week I visited the Pink Saturday sites of another Dana ( the birthday girl ) at the stone rabbit!  I want one of her birthday cupcakes!!!  and, Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix - another inspiring blog!  I want her shoes in her button!
cheers, dana
please check out the giant post card with a message traveling challenge!!!


NanE said...

Happy Pink Saturday Dana! Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

Jingle said...

lovely pink!

Rebecca said...

It's my first PS and I'm wishing you a wonderful Day! Love the collages!

Maggie said...

Thanks for you visit to my blog!

I love Anna's work; she's so talented. you're so lucking to have some of her art!

Sorry for the late PS visit; yesterday just got away from me! Happy belated Pink Saturday!
Maggie @
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! HPS!

Julie said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Thanks for your kind words about my flowers! Actually, I am not in my garden every day. We planted these in good black dirt and compost. We're lucky they all just seem to grow.

pm blog party said...'re so sweet to share my little Dreamcatcher and mail art here. I'm so glad you like them. Happy late, late Pink Saturday!

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