Wednesday, August 11, 2010

only ONE MORE to get us up and running...

Well, we will do it anyways but SIX is the magic number if we can!!!  This traveling postcard will be going cross country as it is created!  How exciting - only missing someone from out east...any takers????????????
Would like to meet the deadline of August 12th for joining in!  So just under
48 hours left!
Hope to hear from you!!!
cheers, dana


Penny said...

I've got things pretty much started and in order for the Practical Magic Party - so I can now say with confidence - I will have time to spend on this project.
So sign me up.


I just hate to be the kind of person who is so over extended they don't really devote enough time to any of the projects they sign up for.

Penny said...

Oh sorry didn't realize you only wanted a person from out east.


Kelly said...

Will you please post the directions again?

Glenda said...

I'm so new to the blogland, I didn't know about this. Anything in the future I would love to take part in. Have fun with this one!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Penny - you are IN!!! I was just trying to say something that would get someone involved!

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