Thursday, August 12, 2010


LET THE FUN BEGIN!  We have our six participants...I am sooooooooooooo excited.  I will start with an 8 X 10 piece - applying a base and a message that will then travel to the next five individuals.  Each artist will add a piece of their personal touch to enhance the feel of the message.  Any medium.  Each artist will have the piece for 2 weeks to work with, then it will be mailed to the next artist on the list.  Please keep a journal page as you work on the project that you send to me when you mail off the art to it's next destination!  You can post your addition or not!  Up to you.  In the end, when the giant traveling postcard is returned to me - I will have prints made for each participant to have a piece of our completed combined efforts.  I will also be sending a folder of each journal page I've received so that we all have the process, feeling, experience that we shared!  All original journal sheets will be returned to the artist with the completed package!  Keep an eye on our progress...I will have the start piece out by August 25th!  Get ready Kelly, you get in next!
enthusiastic cheers, dana

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BLISS angels said...

I can't wait.... Hugs Wendy

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