Friday, August 27, 2010


Please visit the Katillacshack to celebrate fellowship and recovery - this special PINK SATURDAY.  They did a room makeover for Collette Gaultier's cancer treatment and enlightened her world in a scary time.  See the whole story and visit Kelee's Katillacshack.
I showed you my brothers shop last week BUT I forgot to share his business card:

created by a friend for him!  Isn't it the bomb!

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY and thanks to Beverly for hosting!  and all the other supportive things she does for others!
Please follow our traveling postcard with a message - this should be fun!
cheers, dana

Giant Post Card with a Message ready to start journey...

It is rough - it is our base to start from!  I soooooooooo wanted to keep going on this board. 

                               Just like us, the Aquabord we are using is made in the USA! 

It is 8 X10 so - yes - a giant postcard BUT the challenge is adding your touch without taking over BECAUSE the piece MUST move on to the next artist!!!
the message... Make Art - Make Friends. 
I have labeled the piece on the back with the message - you may choose to add it to front when it gets to you - or not - this is truly freelance and all six of us will generate this experience!!!

Off to the post office - sending to Kelly at Tales from the South first - she inturn will send to Anna at Frosted Wendy at Bliss Angels ... to Debbie at I am Simply Debbie... to Penny at Palaver from Pellie and then returning to me for printing! and putting together your travel journal packets!!!  Can't wait to see the completed project!
cheers, dana

Sunday, August 22, 2010


You all know I LOVE SNAIL MAIL so when the envelope came from Switzerland I couldn't wait to open it!!  Margaret and I traded some ATC's and I couldn't be happier!  I am late in posting them and a huge THANK YOU FOR THE EXPERIENCE as I was having my photo drama.   She sent all these extras too!   I can't wait to use them .  I am doing a couple pieces for my Sept. 12th art gathering and am excited to incorporate some of her items.  I am even saving the envelope she sent them in to have the postmarks!  It was a great trade and her support during my mess was much welcomed - as with all of you in my blogland world. 
"Feiern" means celebrate in German - how appropriate as I celebrated getting my photos back!
I think I will frame these on my inspirational board! Thank you again Margaret!  Margaret hosts the dress challenge - check it out!  You won't believe how awesome these dresses are!
cheers, dana

Friday, August 20, 2010


coolest pink frilly lamp ever!!!

YES, I HAVE RECOVERED MY PHOTOS, thanks to tech support at Creative Memories - Memory Manager!  So, here are the photos I had planned to share last week!  Pictures from my brothers hair salon in Ft. Lauderdale Florida - if you are close - he is the best at color and cut!  I have sooooooooooooo missed him the last 12 years being here to do my hair!!! He is truly an artist in his field!!!
garage sale $3 bucks, are you kidding me

My brothers hair studio is the most beautiful serene place ever!

Dean Allen - A Hair Studio - Oakland Park, Florida - 954-439-5697  GO GET YOUR HAIR DONE!!!
Thank you all for encouraging me that they were truly still in this computer!  My blogland buddies' are the PINKEST of the PINK - and my inspirational link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers, dana
thank you Beverly for hosting such a wonderful network of individuals!
can I come to Florida every 6 wks???

Thursday, August 19, 2010

frou-frou friday...

Here are my most frou-frou shoes... I wear them at my art shows, so Sept. 12th, I will have them on -more than likely.  I love these shoes - Steve Madden.  I spotted them while christmas shopping a couple years ago with Mark... was crazy over them... they showed up under the tree!!!  I love this guy, he pays attention to the little things in life!

I have determined though, I don't have enough Frou-Frou to Frow about - so.... I will become an observer of all Connie's frills!  I just love looking at all the girly girl stuff everyone comes up with!  Frills are thrills!
cheers, dana

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sidetracked in a major way

Still looking for my photos - I'm calling in help, just not able to find them on my own.  But this past weekend I completed with my husband -a motorcycle safety course.  I found it super challenging and couldn't believe I could actually ride!  Mark, my husband, has a Harley and I want to be able to share is love of riding.  So, here she is my new bike!  Well, new to me, no - not a Harley (sorry) - but I love her!!!! She is a classic though - 1986 Honda 450 Rebel!!!
Actually got her home and took her for a spin.  I will be practicing alot before really getting out there BUT wow what a feeling!
cheers, dana
now back to the postcard with a message project!

Monday, August 16, 2010


ready to get started.  Here is our team:
Kelly at Tales from the South - in central Florida
Anna at Frosted Petunias - in sunny California
Wendy at Bliss Angels - in Braselton GA (how weird, I may be going there Oct. 1st)
Debbie at I am Simply Debbie - in Oklahoma
and Penny - my first blog buddy! at Palaver from Pellie ghenghis khat - in Illinois
 Of course, it is starting here in Michigan.  I will be doing a base with the message and each artist will add to the piece - alittle or alot - just remember it needs to move on in 2 weeks. So although, there may seem to be alot of canvas to work with - it can't be completed until the end!  Please keep a journal page as you think - process - create your part of our piece!  The art will go to the next artist on the list but the journal page will come back to me!  I will copy and put them all together so in the end we all have a lasting memory of our experience together!  You will receive your original journal page back too!
I am excited and ready to get to work - I will have the base piece on it's way to Kelly by August 25th!
cheers lady's!!!
(ps tomorrow I try to recover all my lost photos)

Friday, August 13, 2010



Thursday, August 12, 2010


LET THE FUN BEGIN!  We have our six participants...I am sooooooooooooo excited.  I will start with an 8 X 10 piece - applying a base and a message that will then travel to the next five individuals.  Each artist will add a piece of their personal touch to enhance the feel of the message.  Any medium.  Each artist will have the piece for 2 weeks to work with, then it will be mailed to the next artist on the list.  Please keep a journal page as you work on the project that you send to me when you mail off the art to it's next destination!  You can post your addition or not!  Up to you.  In the end, when the giant traveling postcard is returned to me - I will have prints made for each participant to have a piece of our completed combined efforts.  I will also be sending a folder of each journal page I've received so that we all have the process, feeling, experience that we shared!  All original journal sheets will be returned to the artist with the completed package!  Keep an eye on our progress...I will have the start piece out by August 25th!  Get ready Kelly, you get in next!
enthusiastic cheers, dana

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

only ONE MORE to get us up and running...

Well, we will do it anyways but SIX is the magic number if we can!!!  This traveling postcard will be going cross country as it is created!  How exciting - only missing someone from out east...any takers????????????
Would like to meet the deadline of August 12th for joining in!  So just under
48 hours left!
Hope to hear from you!!!
cheers, dana

Monday, August 9, 2010


You will have 2 weeks to add to the traveling postcard with a message!!!  Please join in!  The piece will start here in Michigan and already has 2 destinations!  Don't deny yourself this opportunity to jump in!!!  We are ALL good enough to showcase our art!!!  It's about the doing and sharing the experience with new found friends!  Can't wait to see who responds!
cheers, dana

all mediums - all levels of talent - come on...what are you waiting for...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

FINALLY... My August Dress Challenge creation

With the help of my fashion diva granddaughter, Cloee (age 7), I have managed to finish our August Party Dress extravaganza!!!  Hope you like it and will really try to catch up this month!

Cheers, dana and cloee

Friday, August 6, 2010


Frosted Petunias!!!  Anna was a winner in my snail mail  challenge last month.  As a bonus, her and I swapped our snail mail creations!  I was really excited because the photo I received was gorgeous and I couldn't wait to receive hers!  I knew it was going to be better in person, IT WAS!!!  The layering, the textures, the colors... makes me smile - huge!  The biggest bonus was that Anna sent along one of her prints!!!! "Dreamcatcher" - she is magnificent and is now a treasured piece of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dreamcatcher is my Pink Saturday post!  Anna's snail mail brings out the pink too!  I seriously feel like the WINNER of my own challenge!  Please visit Anna's blog - it is inspiring!
Thanks to Beverly our Pink Saturday, hostess with the mostest, P.S. is how I connected with Anna!

This week I visited the Pink Saturday sites of another Dana ( the birthday girl ) at the stone rabbit!  I want one of her birthday cupcakes!!!  and, Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix - another inspiring blog!  I want her shoes in her button!
cheers, dana
please check out the giant post card with a message traveling challenge!!!

frou-frou friday... from a tomboy grandma!

HERE IS MY FLUFF,  my frill,  my only frou-frou thrill...

I have gone from never painting my toenails to keeping up with the granddaughters... we did stickers too because Landon cannot wear polish!  agreed!  More to come as with my g-girls I frou-frou up!

Be sure to visit Connie and check out the "real" frou-frou girls!!!  Thanks, Connie!
also, check out the giant post card with a message challenge...we need committed participants...
cheers, dana

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Challenge... to make a 3 month pass it on challenge...

I would like to do an 8 X 10 -giant traveling postcard - with a message.  Need six participants!!!  I start the piece with the message and a base - send it on for a brief stop to the next recipient with the traveling list of each stop.  Each artist will add to the interpretation of the message and what they have to work with!  Project must be back to me by November 30th!!!  As the postcard is in your possession, you will complete a journal page about its visit with you and what  you chose to do!  Please send the journal page to me - not with the postcard.  Upon completion I will have a final print made of the postcard for each participant and a copy of each journal page done by all for a remembrance of our joint experience!  WHAT DO YOU THINK...who wants to join in???  You will only have 2 weeks to get it and get it out so time is of the essence!!!  I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please let me know by posting a comment so I can get back with you!  Deadline for decision is August 12th!
cheers, dana

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