Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ALWAYS inspired by others

As I hop around blogland - I am always in awe at the talent and willingness to share techniques!  I just received a print from Kristin Dudish and the package was a gift in and of itself.  The print is a gift so I can't share it because it is not being given for awhile yet.  Anyways, her note card envelope - the notecard, the stickers...I'm ordering again just for the extras I get to keep!!!  Her button is on my sidebar - please check her out if you haven't already.

Kristin and many others I check in on have been brave enough to take on the 30 days of painting...I'm not ready for that BUT have decided to produce a piece of artwork each week.  So today I have started a piece to complete by next Tuesday...that means I have to work on it at least a couple times throughout the week.  I am calling it flight to freedom...
using my moleskin journal - Sharpie permanent ink - then the next step is a watercolor wash after I have used maskit on my little critters of flight... we'll see how it goes.
So for March I am putting myself to the task of five for five... each day 5 things to complete... 1 mile on the bike, 1 mile on the treadmill, my physical therapy exercises for my legs, arms (my son is getting married in May and my dress is sleeveless - what was I thinking), tackle a process on an art piece; and OH YES, for my husband, I shall tackle a pile each day!  So, 5 of 5 for the next 31 days... WOW, talk about pressure.

 A couple more things to add - after visiting Jul's Art Niche (check out her altered metal necklace - oh-la-la) she announced a great giveaway at http://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/  it is a MUST CHECK OUT.  I did not know you could blend markers like that!!! There are 3 different Promarker sets to choose from - I would pick the Vivid set to win!!!!  The demo video is super helpful!

Wish me luck! with all my projects -cheers - go color something!!!


Catherine Denton said...

A painting a day boggles my brain. I like your 5 for 5 idea. Looking forward to seeing your artwork!
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Marlene said...

Good Luck with your goals, even 5 for 5 sounds overwhelming to me these days. I need to get a boost of energy from somewhere.

Penny said...

Good luck on your goal for a piece of art a week. Lofty goals but your up to the challenge.


Heather said...

You lucky girl! A package from Kristin. I love her work! Good luck with your 5 for 5!

Ann said...

goood luck on your goals!! my only goal is to get up in the morning without help!!LOL
love your painting you are working on!
must go check out Kristin's site!!..and Jul's Art Niche and the giveaway!!!
have a happy day! xo

Kristin Dudish said...

Thank you so much for your kindness - it was such a wonderful surprise to see :)

I'm impressed by your your goals (all of that exercising really sounds like a challenge to me! ha!)

I love that dragonfly (and other critters) I can't wait to see this finished! It reminds me of spring - wheeee!!!

I'm off to check out the other link...

Thanks again and big hugs to you :)


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