Friday, March 18, 2011

Paint Party Friday kick off...

and I, like Charlie Brown, missed the ball.  You know when Lucy tells Charlie - come on kick the football and then moves it!!!  Well I was all set and ready to really show something and the week got away from me.  I started the painting of the woman by the water and stalled... not because I don't know how I want it to look but because I am trying to conquer my "issues" with value to get it there.  I am trying to get depth in the painting and not have the same value throughout.  So, I have been staring at it, when I should have been applying paint.  I have only started the sky that will also turn partially into the water.  I know where I want the darks - I just need to have a little bit of time (and confidence) where I can actually suck it up and lay it down!!!  Do you hear my self-talk???  Sunday I will have time - my quiet time to really tackle this painting... so even though I am sort of embarassed to have this as my kick off to the paint party friday - I think it sort of signifies what this is all about ... the doing it regardless!!!  Right?

Anyways to help myself with value I have decided to pull out my mandela book and just color trying to achieve light - medium - and dark.  Even at that - my purple and orange are really the same value- or is it the green and purple are the same value - any thoughts????
So, any tips on learning value - please share!
It was St. Patty's Day yesterday -so instead of painting I was sharing time with my Dad is of Irish descent and WE definitely recognize this day.
It was great fun, although alot of driving... we are all close enough to get together but far enough to make it take up a chunk of time in the car. We had yummy corned beef and cabbage - and yes green beer.
some of the Moran clan!
Okay - I also took my bike out for a short was in the mid-sixties here in Michigan - I couldn't believe all the bikes out on the road - it was great.  As, I am a rookie rider, I just had to get out there to start the season!  Need time in the seat!  Yes, I should have been painting but so little time, so much to do!  My day off of work is always jammed sunrise to sunset!!!  Can't wait to pop in on the Paint Party Friday...THANKS TO KRISTIN AND EVA FOR HOSTING!!!
cheers, dana


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful work..I love your mandala! Super-Gorgeous...I love it's energy is so activating and also meditative..lovely! I think it is perfect as it is! Trust your creative instincts and use the colors you are drawn to..I think that makes it special!
Shine on!

Marlene said...

The painting is looking good. I think you are right just dive in and paint. As far as learning value my watercolor teacher had us do a scale where we laid down black then right under or next to it a little lighter and kept doing that until there was almost no color. Also you can take a picture of your painting and if you have a program that will do it bring the painting into your computer and convert it to grayscale and that will also show you your values.

EVA said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets stalled and is showing a WIP!!

It is coming along beautifully! And next week I hope we'll either see the finished product or more progress!

Great to have you come to the party, Dana!

Kate Boone said...

I agree with Marlene's suggestion. . . or rather her watercolor instructor. ;-) Play with one color at a time, working from light to dark. I also found that working with charcoal helps a great, great deal. Once you get a feel for it in black and white, working with value in color is almost secnd-nature. :-)

I really don't see an issue with it in the palmtree painting though. Looks great to me. :-)

Kristin Dudish said...

Your painting is off to a great start! Please don't be embarrassed at all - this is what it is all about... Painting no matter what you may be telling yourself (and pushing past that self-talk - we all do it)!

I'm loving these beautiful, vibrant colors!

As far as value...
Watercolors: You can slowly build up layers or you can try a graded wash. I found a step-by-step for you:
(they show it with a large brush, but you could apply the same technique to a smaller brush & space too)
Colored pencil: I like to create value by sort of building layers... I use deeper colored pencils (and a little bit heavier hand) where I want it darker, then lighter colors and a lighter hand where I want it lighter.
*the most important thing I use is a blender color over the whole thing - the very lightest color (or sometimes cream) pressed very hard over the entire thing.
**prismacolor makes a blender pencil that has no color that is great for giving a nice smooth finish over the whole thing

Is this the longest comment ever, or what?!?

Thank you so much for partying with us! I can't wait to see how you finish this painting :)


Deanna said...


I think the painting is coming along very nicely. I have to dive right in or I would be stuck if I think about it too long. I've been using cheaper paints for practice so if something doesn't go as expected, I don't feel guilty tossing it. (Kind of like my PPF submission. lol)

Watercolors are so much different than oils. I haven't done much with oils and I do them the Bob Ross way (love my happy little trees!) but I find it much easier to work with than watercolors.

Keep up the good work and can't wait to see the finished piece.

Gloria said...

Hi Sinderella. I love the mandala. I have been trying to work on one, but it is difficult. I think your painting is looking pretty good and off to a great start. Thanks.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I love your composition- I totally get the sense of being there and btw, value is all about the layers which take time to add in.....this is going to be beautiful! Actually it alreay is, so let me change that to it will be even more beautiful when it's done!

Heather said...

This is coming together just right! I like the colors you have chosen. As far as value...start with the darket on a scrap paper and move slightly up the value scale in lightness...then keep that by your side when you are painting. it will help. i am glad you shared your work in progress, i always find that to be interesting...i love seeing art in stages!

La Abela said...

Dana, colors appear before us when you're relaxed, at least that happens to me. Greetings

BLISS angels said...

Now miss dana do I self doubt? just paint don't thing too much about it your are a talented artist.. also i have blog you may enjoy... she say don't think just made art .... I love that
her name is Kelly Rae Roberts.

hugs Wendy
oh yes you should get your gift in a few days I mailed it wednesday Enjoy!

Domestic Icing said...

I'm with you! I posted a work in progress as well -- though yours is MUCH further along than mine I think. I love the summer-y-ness of it on this cold, cold day in March ;)


Toni said...

I think it looks just lovely. I don't know squat about value and all that, I just paint because it feels good so I can't help you there but what I can say, as I said on someone else's blog, I feel creativity in any form isn't necessarily about the end result, it's about the process. Having fun and using colors you love will make your art work fabulous no matter what!

Sophia said...

I'm finding that many of us out here are longing to learn/improve our watercolour techniques. I really do think you have a great start. For some reason, my paintings don't reflect the "look" of watercolour, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong. Many have suggested going to the library to find some books. I think I will do that. :)

Good luck. I think you're on the right path.

Annabelle said...

I'm afraid I can't help you with values since I'm just a wannabe painter at the moment but hope to be of some help in some way. Anyway, your girl beneath the palm is looking great already, will be nice when it's finished. About the weather, yes an outing on the bike is fun and nature inspires one so much so not a waste of time at all. I see Kristin has given you some feed back, will help me as well. Glad to be a part of this, already learning much!

Annabelle >^.^<

Yvonne said...

Love mandalas and your work is great! Just keep doing what you do and it will be great! I lvoe adding layers to paintings.

Christine said...

I like your work so far, sorry I can't help with advice in the art department!

Kat W said...

You look like you were having great fun for St Patrick's day! I'm intrigued by your painting, it looks gorgeous already & want to see how it turns out. I love to draw & paint mandalas - so relaxing aren't they?

Kat :-)

Anne said...

Great start on your painting! Enjoy your painting time on Sunday!

Nelly said...

I just love this scene. I wish I was sitting under a palm tree right now. Beautiful start to your painting.

gemma said...

What a fun paint party. Enjoyed seeing your work....looking forward to seeing it unfold.
Love the mandela too BTW.

Melisa said...

You didn't miss it. WIPs are still joining in. I'll probably post more WIPs than finished paintings because I am so slow, LOL. To help see the values in your painting better. Take the photo and desaturate it in whatever imaging program you have. Once it is black and white, it will be a lot clearer just what values you have and how much darker you need to go. Helps me, anyway. At least you know where you want it to go. That's what I have the most trouble with!

Lynn Stevens said...

Great start, don't ever feel embarrassed to show your work, were all on the same path to learning, its all about the share!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

WOW THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS, SUGGESTIONS AND SITES TO VISIT FOR TIPS... I am off to work this morning but will have time to check in on everyone's work tomorrow.
cheers, dana

Pam Tucker said...

Oh I think your painting is coming along beautifully! Watercolor is something I LOVE but can't seem to grasp. I can' wait to see the finished piece!

I had to divide the PPF group up to two days. Making my second round today. Glad to meet you! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :)

Carrie Wachter~Martinez said...

I love to see works-in-progress and that little glimpse into what makes an artist choose a subject, color, value...I personally paint what I feel--if a color or value feels right, I go along with it. Watercolors I have yet to experiment with, but your painting looks great so far!

My Grama's Soul said...

Sorry I'm so late in stopping by....I, too, often work in watercolors....and yours on a watercolor canvas...which I have not quite nice.

I also like Marlenes point about taking a photo of your painting...I think we can always find our flaws when looking through the lens.


Netty said...

Wow what a great start to a beautiful painting, loving your use of colours. Annette x

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