Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Okay it's Tuesday... reporting in on 5 of 5 and more sketchbook challenge

This is my serious depiction of spilling over for the March theme at Sketchbook Challenge...
DEMOCRACY spilling over world wide!!!

This is a serious issue in our world, I believe in the freedoms we have as AMERICANS!!!  When I watch the news reports I THANK GOD I'M AN AMERICAN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!
I wish all these people, of the many different countries - safety and success!!!!

Now, I am not as happy with my dragonfly that I started last week... I think I shall leave it in the journal and actually write on it... what do you think?
flight to freedom
As I was working on my 5 daily committments... I fell slightly (sigh) short.  I managed four of four in four of seven days.  As I was working on this...I realized everyday is a big task.. but I managed four - the working on my piles daily kind of fell off the list.  BUT, I made up for it on Monday (I was off work - yay) and seriously tackled my studio (remember I am using artist terms so it is no longer my artroom).  It is amazing how much progress I made - I am very happy with some of my new organization and I think it counts toward the 5 of 5 seeing it took ALL DAY.  I am trying to get rid of things I keep hanging onto BUT I could NOT toss out my wine corks...
one of three boxes... I need them, I know I do
It is all about progress right?  Do you have something you just can't let go of???? Even though to others they appear useless! I need them is my battle cry!!!!
Have a great week - and yep, I am going to try to keep the 5 of 5 alive this week!
cheers, dana


Penny said...

Both of your pictures are fantastic; the one seriously thought provoking and the other a bit of whimsy.
Two side of the same artist. Thanks for offering us this wonderful peek into your soul.
As for the corks - all sorts of wall art and things can be made using all those coll corks. Saving sounds like the wisest choice.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

thanks on all fronts!!!

A Dancing Mango said...

Hi I love your pictures!
Just put some color in the wings of your dragon and write around it.. it is too pretty to paint over.. :-)
Loving all of your things on this blog.. Hugs, ♥Darlene

Sinderella Studio Designs said...


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