Monday, September 5, 2011

Mojo Monday!!!

It's Labor Day so I don't have to work (my husband does though boo-hiss)...that doesn't mean I'm not laboring!!!  Cleaning my artroom (yikes) and mowed the grass.  Anyways finished my sketch for a painting that I have been putting of for almost a year.  Can't believe my friend still wants me to do it...for money no less.  I haven't completely decided how I want to do the background but it is time to get going on this piece.

ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!  I can just start to smell our ribs!!!!  In the oven, it is only in the 50's here in much for last weeks heatwave!
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cheers, dana
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Ann's Art said...

Sounds like you have busied yourself whilst husb. has to 'labor' on your work...LOL. Hope your day was actually really useful and you managed to do the jobs you wanted.

craftattack said...

Did you say ribs?? Yummy! Love your sketch! Have a nice evening! Valerie

Anonymous said...

I love drawings of bicycles. keep going on it. I am following your blog. I hope you'll take a peek at my blog and follow me, too.

Love from Oregon,


flowers for you

Sabina said...

The sketch looks great so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

Diana Evans said...

oh this is such a great piece....wishing you a wonderful Holiday Weekend!!!!

Ann said...

love your drawing!!
ribs in the oven.....sounds delicious!! is 5 pm here in So. Calif. and 93 oven will be staying off until the heat wave is gone. our a/c is broken!!
maybe we will "labor" out for take out!!!

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