Monday, December 6, 2010


So much going on this time of year - let alone - blogland!!!  I have been peeking in on Sunday Sketches and am totally captivatied by all the incredible art!!!  So, although we had 2 grandkids this weekend I did do a little personality portrait sketch that I plan on following through with completion - inspired by an ATC trade that said to express things you love -  I did do the card regarding the song, A few of my Favorite Things for the trade but kept thinking about it.  So, yesterday - Sunday, I put this to some scrap paper.

a few of my favorite things - again!
 So, I will post again next Sunday after I have continued to expand my idea!!!!

NOW, THE PACKAGE I RECEIVED IN THE MAIL LAST WEEK !!!  I didn't want to post until I was sure enough time had pasted that ALL of the participants had received their package!!!  Wendy, at Bliss Angels hosted - magnificently, I might add - a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS ATC exchange.  Each person was given one of the 12 days to produce TWELVE atc's to turn into Wendy.  She then put a SET together for each artists.  I had NO IDEA that the presentation would also be a gift.  The box - the trading card holder - ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.  I can't believe, not only did she do her 12 cards - SHE DID 12 BOXES AND THESE INCREDIBLE HOLDERS... I know I sound gushy but serioulsy I could not have put this all together. 

days one through six!!!

As the 12 day countdown begins, I will post each day so that you can see each card - these ladies' did magnificent work. 

days seven through twelve!!!

I will treasure this set of cards - forever!!!  Thanks Wendy and all the other artists'!!!  Be sure to come back and view each card starting December 12th - A Partridge in a Pear Tree!!!

cheers, dana
make art, make friends - send art, share souls!!!


Ann said...

Dana, I love what you have done with your card. I so wish I could sketch anything..but,alas,it's never to be!! I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece!!
As for that gorgeous box with all the lovel;y ATC's...just wonderful. What a treasure! My goodness..on top of the 12 ATC's Wendy made those boxes!!!! What a great hostess!!!!
thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day!
hugs, Ann

Penny said...

Your 12 days of Christmas cards look lovely and I agree with you - Wendy must have invested massive amount of time in making the holders and the decorated boxes. Hope your having a good week so far.


Blissfull ATC swap said...

thank you , thank foe the lovely coments I really enjoyed this swap and putting it to together... thank to you and all th artist who took part.. hugs wendy

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