Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Week...

So, I have been unable to keep up with the Artful Diva journaling a painting/sketch a day for May following the prompt word....But I have been able to keep up with checking on her keeping up with the daily challenge.  Great fun following her month!  Check her out!
This is the weekend of my son's wedding - so I plan on getting back to more attention to my art when this weekend is over...THE BIG NEWS ON THE ART FRONT IS THAT OUR TEAM HAS BEEN ACCEPTED TO PARTICIPATE IN SCRAPFEST 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy happy - OMG omg!!! now what?????  Hope you follow our progress as I post.... It all begins June 11th with a frantic run through a scrapyard for one hour for our materials for the build... I have never done metal - scultping - welding - not sure how this all came together but our leader is confident!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank God someone is!!!!

Trying to sift through some projects as I have plans for my first spring/summer Artists' by the lake show coming up shortly after ScrapFest 2011 so...  as you know I struggle with value and this painting I did last year...but lacks value/deepth...I have decided to add to it next week...we'll see what happens.
I know that I am supposed to work with the paint and let it dry before moving onto the next step BUT am the most impatient person soooooooooooo don't do real well with that step.  As I worked on my all important project with the handmade paper I shared with you - I had to do alittle at a time...yes, I had to let the paint dry before moving onto my next tiny space on the was a great lesson for me!  I am proud of how the piece came out - no, not a masterpiece by degreed professional artists' but for me... a true accomplishment.  I didn't sit down and try to do the whole thing in one sitting.... it took me a couple weeks inbetween work and all to actually finish it - as simple as it is... I will be sharing at this weeks
Paint Party Friday.  It is a gift to my son and his wife to be!

Happy Wednesday...make art, make friends - share art, share souls!!!
cheers, dana

all artwork copyright 2011 dana strickland, sinderella studio designs


craftattack said...

A beautiful picture filled with serenity and summery feelings - lovely! Valerie

Ann said...

i'm looking forward to "sharing" Srapfest 2011 with you through pics! congrat's on being chosen! how fun!!
love your painting...the blue's are gorgeous!!!
so want to see photo's of the wedding!..will be waiting!!!
i have trouble waiting for things to dry! actually..i have trouble waiting for anything to be dry,cone!!..i have to work HARD at waiting!!..probably why I've only done (partially )one large quilt and only a few throw sized ones!!!..and small art pieces!!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Ann, too funny! I can relate. thanks Valerie!

Incipient Wings said...

this is beautiful dana!

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