Wednesday, June 9, 2010

deadline for your entry...midnight June 10th

Send in your entry and add your name as a follower to have a chance to WIN.  Doesn't everyone love getting snail mail.  In our ever instantanious world - I still LOVE to open up real mail!!!  Not junk - or  bills - but notes from friends, updates on life, thank you's (a forgotten art with MOST of today's generation) or just a random card that says hello.  My treasured piece of mail from my granddaughter, Cloee, is on my frig.  I had sent her some things in the mail soooooooooo she made a thank you card - on her own - took it to her dad so he could address it.  My son, of course, knew that I would be crazy about her doing that!  She turns 7 tomorrow, I was sooooooo impressed!
With the postcard you create - USE IT TO MAKE SOMEONE SMILE!!!  If you are the winner I will be sending you five prints of your card so you can mail them to your friends and family!  MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY - REMEMBER SNAIL MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a copy of a postcard I sent out a couple years ago in honor of Sept. 11th - entitled: REMEMBRANCE!  I wrote about it's creation, it was the outcome of my first art challenge entered. Can you believe a postcard stamp is now .28cents???!!!
cheers, dana

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Incipient Wings said...

hi dana, this is incredible.

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