Saturday, June 26, 2010


We live by a lake and it is a 4.3 mile walk (soon to be run again, working on that) around it.  Lots to see as I take this walk with our dog Sophie.  Every once in awhile I take my camera along.  I always see something that I want to photograph. I have saved these photos for future painting projects.  I have quite the photo collection of flowers - and seriously, 2 watercolors that I am working on!  Sneak peeks in a couple weeks - sooner if I win the lotto and don't have to go to work! LOL. Last week walking the lake was so dream-like, it was warm and the sun was out - it was still early enough that the lake was quiet.  The delicate petals of the peonies and poppy's were in bloom.  Poppy's remind me of my mom, she had them in our yard when I was a kid - love them!  But they are fleeting beauty.  Like soft crepe paper that blows away after only sharing itself for a couple days!  These are bright orange but I have to share them along with the PINK PEONIES!  Peonies are my daughter in law, Becky's favorite.  She carried them at her wedding and the tables were filled with bouquets- absolutely breath taking what she did with PINK on her special day.  That will be for another Pink Saturday post!  Peonies always intrigue me because they are these solid little brussel sprout type balls that for days it seems just have ants on them (I don't care for ants).  Then all of the sudden these soft fluffly petals are in full view!  Poof!  Like the poppy, they don't last long.   The fragile petals blow off into the wind.  But while we have them - we enjoy them! 

When I read about Beverly's Pink Saturday she noted that she started this as PINK is her mother's favorite color - and PINK always makes you smile.  I hadn't thought about that much, as I have told you I have never really been a pink girl - but she is absolutely right - whether you are a pink girly girly or not - when I think about all things pink and look around me - those things that are - DO MAKE ME SMILE!  Each Pink Saturday blog I have visited has definitely put a smile on my face!  Must check out Frosted Petunias - all the blogs I am following are worth a peek.  I will be visiting new ones again this week.
Happy Pink Saturday - SMILES EVERYONE!
thanks Beverly!


Sherry from Alabama said...

I didn't get to come by and visit you on your first Pink Saturday, so I'd like to send you a big WELCOME this week. Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Penny said...

Hello Dana,
Getting into that pink groove. Have a great weekend.

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Pink Saturday!!

Warmest, Brenda

peggy gatto said...

very pretty!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!

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