Sunday, June 20, 2010

My second entry for Friday Foto Collage

We were to use magazine clippings only soooooo, had many themes running through my head but somehow locked onto my pile of magazines saved for recipes.  Using EveryDay with Rachel Ray and Good Housekeeping I began my clipping.  I have never really done a collage from clippings so had a few hiccups.  I glued a couple things down before I should have - didn't get my layers right.  Also, I need to buy a brayer, I think it is called.  It is like a rolling pin for art!  I really need one, my pieces buckled up somewhat and lost some of the look I wanted.  Anyways, I have been planning to put together a book of recipes for Chelsea, my son Ben's fiance.  So this will be the cover!
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DAD's OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is an awesome Sunday here!
cheers, dana


Jingle said...

Happy Father's Day to fathers in your family,
Good Luck!

Linda M. said...

Hello Dana,

I wanted to visit your blog to say thank you to you for voting for my entry in the Mind Wide Open June Challenge. I like your Friday Foto Collage, it will make a wonderful cover for your cookbook. I love the cereal ooh-la-la!

Penny said...

Nice piece and I like the idea that you will be using it for something cool.

Julie said...

Hi, Dana: Thanks for stopping by my blog. So fun that you're making a cookbook for your future daughter in law. Awesome that you're trying the chicken recipe on my blog. You'll have to let me know if you enjoyed the meal.

margaret said...

Hi Dana, lovely to have you over at mine! I love your Friday Foto Collage, great colours and compostition, I see something else everytime I look! fab! Margaret

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