Sunday, June 13, 2010

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............................

WE HAVE TWO WINNERS !!!  As this was our first art challenge and this blog is not widely viewed - response was limited BUT TALENT AND IDEAS were abundant!!!  I could not pick one entry over the other!  Of special note, and exciting to me is that a couple other individuals started pieces but felt "they weren't good enough art-people" to complete and enter.  Trust me they are - this is a blog in its infancy and I am a "wanna be artist", not trained, not knowledgeable - just a lover of the doing!!!!  So I am very PROUD of my TWO WINNERS in the "Take Flight" postcard with a message challenge!  Drum roll...............

Penny Plum - produced an excellent piece drawing and using photo editing! 
 I LOVE IT !!!  Please visit her blog - her current posting regarding Raggedy Ann and Andy is heartwarming and will make you smile!

This piece is going to be a GREAT postcard - nothing like inspirational snail mail!!!  Penny your postcard prints - as well as your Godiva are on their way!!

Next, WINNER, and first time entrant to any art anything Linda Schroeder!!!
Grandkids are some of the best inspiration for creativity on this earth!

This little butterfly will definitely make you smile!!!
Prints and chocolate coming!!

Isn't that what art is all about - to motivate, to inspire, to be shared, to make you think, to express feelings - to keep our hearts and minds open!!! 
I hope this GETS SOME OF YOU OFF THE VIEWING AND INTO THE DOING!!!  Everyone is a winner when that happens!

Melissa Mathie - is also the winner of the new followers drawing - a package will be in the mail to you this week - watch your mailbox!

p.s. - I would like to say THANK YOU to all the Pink Saturday welcomes!  I have been stopping by and will be leaving comments this week.  I sooooooooo enjoyed doing the post and love the bonding Bev's site creates!  Peggy's Friday Foto Collage challenge is also great - check it out!

CHEERS, dana
this has been a blast hosting and chatting with artists' and potential artists' - next challenge to be posted June 28th - mark your calendars!!!


Lulu said...

Penny really knows what she's doing. I'm just playing around. But it is sooo fun to be declared a winner at something artsy. Really looking forward to chocolate and prints. Thanks. By the way, once I told an artist friend of ours that I really didn't like a ring he made (he asked for my honest opinion!). The next week he sold it to a museum!! Just an indication of how much I really know about art.

joey said...

Hi, it's so nice to meet you.
Big hugs, joey

Jingle said...

very thoughtful of you.
Happy Monday!

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