Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thinking about what to PINK about!!!

Sooooooooo many things I want to talk about that tie to PINK!  But today something simple.  I am a believer in supporting your community and giving back.  I am not a person of big financial means so I try to make small things count.  I try to shop local -that is hard for super market type items but gift giving - cards (most of these things I try to make myself), bakeries, coffee house, eyeglasses (the company I work for, RX Optical, is a homegrown Michigan based company) - the list goes on.  I am an optician by day and have given proceeds from my work last year that sold to Optometry Giving Sight!  I donated a piece of work that was in my May postings to benefit the Womens Center of East Lansing.  I have ran in the Race for the Cure 5k several years and am always moved by the event.  When I am shopping for something if I can buy it to support a cause that I believe in - I do so!  So, I needed a new scrubby for my shower - saw one that came with a pink rubber ducky that lights up!!!  Proceeds to the Komen Foundation!  That was the scrubby for me!
Blogland is a supportive community!  Each site encourages others!  It is like getting big hugs and kudos everyday for your work!  No negativity here!  Each person I have connected with is inspiring and motivating. I did spent time this past week really visiting Tobi (my first pictured follower) at - what an amazing fairy land she truly has created - check it out!
Ann, - love her artwork!!!! Peggy - please click on my #2 challenge for her Friday Foto Collage (top right) - great fun and I'm learning alot with this challenge!  I have been looking at the entries for where bloggers create - my friend Penny at http://www.palaverfrompelliegenghiskhat/ her space is so pretty and organized! Stephanie at - Wow, talk about a room with a view!
Anyways, this is a community group!  World wide! 
I will be visiting more of my visitors this week!  Darn real job thing takes up too much time.
cheers, dana


Theresa said...

Admire your generosity! Have a Happy Pink Saturday:)

someplace in thyme said...

Wow, that is wonderful, what a gift. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Pat said...

I do the "pink" walk every year too - great cause! Welcome to PS.

Maggie said...

Oh so nice!

Happy PS!

Penny said...

hey Dana,
I'm thinking Pink - cute rubber Duckie.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Sweet Dana,

Happy PiNk to you!

Oh, I love that PiNk rubber ducky!! I totally agree with you on supporting your local community and helping in your community first...

I'm so glad you have seen and felt the heartfelt community that so many of us share in truly is a place where our hearts meet and uplift on another in a way that is hard to find in our physical walk at's the most unique place in the universe and I love it. ♥

Thanks so much for mentioning me and my creative's been a year long transformation and I'm so tickled PINK to have it complete.

Have a lovely day and come by anytime to visit with me.

Stephanie ♥

Jingle said...

lovely pink SATURDAY post.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Dana!

I love your perky pink post!! You cant help but smile when visiting here! And I think we all need to find a pink rubber duckie that lights up!
Also what a thoughtful and fun idea for your future daughter in law! Your collage is so cute and she is going to love it!
Thanks for sharing some fun for Pink Saturday!!
Hugs and Smiles,

Riet said...

Thank you for your visit. You came at my Dutch blog. I have an English spoken too, there I posted on pink Saturday.

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