Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been busy checking out the blog sites of the participants of Pink Saturday.  This could be a full time job! Awesome blogs - and incredible artwork on many!  Lifestyle showcases, poetic expressions - all keep me going in my own artistic journey.  I am working on a couple of different collage pieces and two paintings.  Goal - GET THEM DONE - darn real job thing keeps getting in the way!
Peggy from the Friday Foto Collage asked about my transfer of the coral - I didn't really know what I used - as I have a closet shelf full of paper and paper-type products that I have collected.  I knew I had this clear plastic stuff for the printer that had adhesive backing - somewhere - so while doing the collage I found it but only ONE sheet.  Was down to creation deadline (as usual) so it had to work or I was out!  I blew up the picture of the coral - but without photo editing ability printed it onto the clear adhesive and cut out the background (that took some patience - something I am very short on but working at).  Anyways, I didn't touch it for several minutes for fear it would smear.  Did the cutting and applied it to my paper - wah-lah, it worked perfectly.  I should have used transfer letters for my wording - it did not come out real great - lesson learned.  Okay - back to my original point - Peggy, I finally dug deep enough in my closet and found the packaging for the product - because I want more - it is by Grafix - Computer Grafix printable transparent plastic sheets with adhesive backing for ink jet printers.  I purchased it at Hobby Lobby and hope they still have it!  Going shopping this weekend.
MAKE A GREAT DAY - share a smile - new challenge posting June 28th...


anna @ frosted petunias said...

I so love your attitude and your enthusiasm for art and your creative journey...and the joy of blogging! These are all new to me as I'm a late bloomer myself. Blogging and meeting so many inspiring and encouraging ladies has given my creative spirit wings. I finally feel like an artist! I look forward to following your journey and thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. Have a great day!

Lulu said...

I spent a lot of time looking at the Pink Saturday blogs too and am just facinated by the creativity. There was one with little miniture pink pigs and a whole story about them. It was fun! Of course, yours was the BEST!.

Penny said...

Hi Dana,
After seeing your collage last Friday (which was excellent by the way - even if I didn't tell you that then). I was on the wrong computer and couldn't get the comment to post. I decided to try out her challenge this week.
Last week I was a disaster case getting my room ready for Where Bloggers Create Studio Tour.
My poor husband still isn't recovered from all the little honey do's he had to do to help me make my room look pretty

peggy gatto said...

Wow, I just love it!!!!!
I will be posting pictures as more come in!

Thanks for your support and your fun art!!!

Jingle said...

two awards on the bottom.

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