Friday, June 25, 2010


Where did the week go?  Busy - busy week with the real world!  So - now need to catch up so I can do my Friday Foto Collage, I really am having trouble getting the timing down on this one.  The theme is posted Thursday - does that mean that it starts Friday and goes thru the week to get done or is it in 24 hours it must be done?  Somebody straighten me up on this one before I make Peggy crazy! -  will be putting together my Pink Saturday Post - AND - will post the NEW ART CHALLENGE on Monday June 28th!  Hope you will check in!


Penny said...

I think it means it is to be done by Friday - since she shows her completed picture on Friday.
Thanks for changing you comment page - I can now post without having to change computers. Yeah!!!!!!!

Natural Feed said...

FRIDAY?! Where DID the week go? Really enjoying your blog and your art.

Julie said...

These are beautiful pinks. Love the pink petunias.

peggy gatto said...

theme idea on thurs/fri then you have until friday NEXT! 5DAYS TO CREATE AND POST!

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