Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the works...

In an effort to focus and complete some projects I have made a to do list! Yet, again!  Currently researching my Practical Magic commitment... picked up the book and the movie to see which version I shall base my blog party on.  I know that I have not seen the movie but in starting the book, I am sure I read this years ago - this is a treasure though... I ordered the book on Barnes & Noble used books.  I got this well worn copy from the King County Library System AND IT IS SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, Alice Hoffman.  I know I am meant to participate!
I am completing an ATC for my trade with Margaret at Alice and Camilla plus will need to get cracking on the dress challenge for August - hummmmmmmm, I think I might combine a Practical Magic piece with that!
I am continuing to follow  Peggy's Friday Foto Collage - as it makes me leave my comfort zone and stretch.  AND have added to Friday's, Connie's "Frou-frou Friday".  Connie is definitely a frou-frou gal, I, on the otherhand - not really.  But in an effort to add some ruffles to my life I am uncovering some frills to share!  My granddaughters love it and my daughter in law is cracking up over it!  PINK SATURDAYS with Beverly, A MUST, as I have meant sooooooo many new friends and great blogs!
This weekend also sending out the winnings from my last challenge, the stamps of the snail mail productions are back and ready to go out to Anna at Frosted Petunias and Barb.  Of course, I had to get some for Sinderella's Studio too!
Last, but definitely not least, continuing to work on some pieces for the 2nd annual Artist by the Lake gathering on September 12th!!!  Starting to get excited but really need to get to work!  Once this show is over, I truly plan on tackling my etsy shop.  I have had the shop ability for 2 years and have only put things on etsy a couple of times for a few short days, didn't really understand how to use it.  Still don't but I am getting so much better at understanding the computer workings since blogging.  So, will try again!
That's my update! oh, yes, I have to get ready to go to my "real-life" job too!
cheers, dana


Penny said...

I just got a copy of the book to read also.
I loved the movie - but just want to check out if the book offers a little more substance to base the Party on.

Hugs, Penny

Anonymous said...

YOu are too funny.. "real life blog".. lol
It will be interesting to see what you blog party is going to be like. I bet it will be wonderful!
Hugs, Darlene xo

Margaret said...

I like the sound of a magical dress!! roll on August 1st! Margaret

Tales from the Deep South said...

I don't know how I missed this post? I can't wait to see what you come up with for the PM party~
And if you haven't seen the movie, you really should. I love it so much I bought the DVD and watch it alot!

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