Tuesday, July 13, 2010

snail mail creation continued...

Okay - I have added my focal point and folded my card!  Front and back!
Now, onto the interior... must be able to write on it soooooooooo not sure yet but am working on it.  Then the envelope!  Plus I need to get cracking on my Friday Foto Challenge, I can't wait to try Peggy's technique!

Happy creating! dana


Penny said...

Looking good so far.

Don't know if I'll get around to entering - Son back living at home with me - has the 2 grand-boys. It's a mad house here.

Anna said...

Dana I love it and that snail is much cuter than the real thing! Oh I'm so glad you're joining our blog party and thanks for adding the button. There is a separate party page and if you get a chance just post a comment there and it will automatically add you to the list. My snail mail is ready too and I'll post it this weekend. Did you see I ended up eating a bit of glitter while I was making it, lol!

Anna said...

ooops...I forgot to give you the link for the blog party

Practical Magic Blog Party 2010

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