Friday, July 2, 2010

IT'S FRIDAY ... again

and I have fallen behind in all my projects, nothing new there.  Anyways, Connie at Living Beautifully, talked about starting a Frou-frou Friday.  I don't know if she was for real or just chatting but it got me thinking.  I always called it fou-fou, I had no idea it was frou-frou - I actually looked it up in the good old fashioned Webster's!  So, as I have missed the Foto Friday Challenge this week - (sorry peggy - but I am game on for the next one!) - I decided that by changing my header (with Connie's great tutorial pages), trying to finish my first dress challenge (with Margaret's great blog due by June 30th - I am late )  HERE IS MY DRESS CHALLENGE 2010 - JUNE entry - check out Anna's, Frosted Petunias- dresses for June
 and getting ready for Beverly's Pink Saturday post- that I now qualified as a "Frou-Frou Friday" gal. 
My frou-frou isn't girly enough by most standards but my daughter in law and granddaughters' can't believe - the pink I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!

Please stop in again tomorrow for the actual Pink Saturday Post!  Thanks to Beverly's blessing - I will be posting in the RED - WHITE & BLUE, in celebration of Independence Day weekend!

Please visit these gals that I have mentioned today at:
Also - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEPHANIE - Queen of Dreamsz!!!!!!!!!

Back on Monday to take on the snail mail challenge!
cheers, dana


anna @ frosted petunias said...

Dana this is an adorale dress! I love the colors and the touch of sparkles on the dress and hanger are precious. Glad you joined. I'm still trying to catch up myself.

Oh I added a link on my sidebar to your Snail Mail challenge. I used your pretty banner for the badge so let me know if it's ok with you. See you on Pink Saturday!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Are you kidding me, that is great! I am trying to do a button type thing for the challenge but haven't finished it - AND- am not sure I will figure out how to post it. Super thanks!

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