Monday, July 12, 2010

okay back to art-work...

I compiled my pieces to start my snail mail.  I just started layering pieces and then gluing them down - topped off with a coat of gel medium.  After everything dried I then rolled on some poodleskirt pink, warm white, and raw sienna to give some additional dimension.  My main piece will be covering some of the canvas but obviously placed where it looks like something is missing - because it is!  Everything is still drying so - I MUST WALK AWAY!

My piece is going to end up folded in half - so it looks quite discombobulated right now.  I hope I can pull it all together with the additional work on the main focus and some accents!  Trust you are working on yours... it is already the 12th of July.  I lost track of time working on a home for the kitty and had 3 grandkids for the weekend!  All good stuff though!
cheers, dana


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Anonymous said...

Hi neighbor, I am so happy you are enjoying kelly rae's book.
Love your art work !

Anonymous said...

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