Sunday, July 18, 2010

my snail mail finished piece

The Snail Mail Challenge ends tonight at midnight so...I hope you have your entry done or just about done!  Please post a comment with a link so that I can view your entry or send to my email:

I completed my piece by lining the inside with handmade paper - then made the envelope out of the same paper.  Because the paper is so thin I actually took some lightweight fusible interfacing and ironed it onto the paper for the interior of the envelope. I found all kinds of instructions on envelope making - I did the simpliest one!  I then finished decorating - just a bit - and sprayed with fixative so that when used to mail - the writing won't go through onto the card!  If you haven't visited earlier - scroll down to see my snail mail piece in process. This was really fun for me - hope you enjoyed making your piece! 
Remember to send snail mail...make someone's day!!!
Thanks for joining me in this challenge! dana


Penny said...

Nice work Dana.

Love the snail.


Anonymous said...

awee. Dana, I wish I would have known about this?.. well, next time for sure!

lulu1832 said...

OMG!! The Godiva chocolates, postcards and notecards you sent as awards from the June art challenge were incredible!!! We shared the chocolates with customers and employees at the jewelry studio last Friday. I thought that was fitting since it was related to art. Love you.

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